11th January 2016

Happy new year from all of the Fishtek team!

The year has started off well, with several new interesting projects starting in the next few weeks. In the UK, we are going to be working with the Severn Rivers Trust on a large project on the River Teme, looking into the best overall catchment strategy for improving fish migration in the river. Overseas, our involvement with the Don Sahong hydropower scheme in Laos continues and we have also started working on another hydropower project in a similar area of Laos.

We have several projects that are ongoing in the UK. Construction of one of these, a natural bypass channel fish pass on the River Gwash, a tributary of the River Welland has started and it is expected that this pass will be completed by the spring.

The large hydropower scheme on the bottom of the River Dart, which is comprised of two Archimedean screw turbines and a fish pass, has been completed. Fishtek were responsible for the design of the new Larinier fish pass and the improvements and modifications to the existing fish pass on the far side of the river from the hydropower scheme. A few images of the turbines and fish pass are below.

The fish pass can be seen in the images above (running at a very high level as the turbines were temporarily turned off when these images were taken). A fish counter is to be added at the upstream end of the fish pass very shortly and this will provide invaluable data for the ongoing monitoring of fish populations in the river. 

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