15th October 2015

We have recently designed and fabricated a Larinier fish pass for the Wild Trout Trust, for a site on the River Hamble in Hampshire. The river at the site in question splits into a series of channels, with a weir or set of sluices on each channel, which create a head of water at the historical mill. As with many sites throughout the UK, the mill is no longer operational as a mill but the old in-river structures are still in place.

The fish pass has been installed on a small weir at the upstream end of one of the channels and will enable fish (including sea-trout) to pass upstream. Pre-fabricated from aluminium, the pass has been installed on a pair of steel joists, running down from the weir crest to the pool below the weir. A couple of images of the finished pass are below (images courtesy of Andy Thomas from the Wild Trout Trust). 

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