18th May 2016

We recently carried out a visit to the site mentioned in the previous post, to look at the natural bypass channel that has been created to improve fish passage. While on site, one of our engineers Mike got some nice videos of the fish pass, a couple of which can be seen below.

In the second video, a back-water area can be seen, which has been included as an area of habitat. Such areas are particularly important as a refuge for juvenile fish during high flow events.

A visit was also made to another fish pass that is under construction but shortly to be finished. This is a Larinier fish pass and eel pass, with a series of pre-barrages upstream of the Larinier pass. There are deep notches in the pre-barrages which will provide streaming flow conditions for any upstream migrating fish. A few images of the fish pass are below (note that the Larinier baffles are not in place yet):

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