21st December 2015

At Fishtek we are constantly striving to find solutions to the problems of fish and eel passage. One of the biggest problems with any fish or eel pass is that of debris, which can easily clog up a pass if the pass is poorly designed or not maintained. In the case of eel passes, this can be particularly problematic as the brushes or pegs within the pass are very prone to clogging.

The image below shows an innovative design for a debris screen on an eel pass which we have just finished fabricating. Although it looks like a drilled out exhaust, it is actually a novel, fully removable screen that will fit over the end of an eel pass. The holes that you can see are suitably sized for the eels in the river where the pass is to be fitted and they will be able to swim through the holes and out of the pass. However, large debris and leaves will be prevented from getting into the pass itself and clogging up the bristles that are required to enable eels to move upstream.

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