Trout in a fish pass

Large barriers including some hydroelectric dams often require different fish passage solutions than many of the smaller weirs and barriers that we are familiar with in the UK.  Follow the link below for a fantastic video of trout ascending a fish pass at a large hydroelectric dam on the Gadmerwasser, a tributary of the River Aare in Switzerland. The fish pass comprises a series of entrances along the front of the dam, which lead to a vertical slot type fish pass and fish lift. The fish lift accommodates the majority of the head and this is often a preferred solution at large dams where very long fish passes would be impractical and inefficient.
Fishtek have designed fish migration facilities to overcome large dams in various locations, including variations of fish locks, large naturalised channels and vertical slot type fish passes on the River Mekong in Laos. Should you be interested in any of our projects at home or away please email us for a free hard (address required) or electronic copy of our brochure.

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