Fish pass installation on the River Wellend

We continue to work closely with the Environment Agency and JacksonHyder to deliver various fish passage projects and we are excited to provide a further update on this successful collaboration.
Our Senior Engineer, Mike Lakin, recently went to view Gretton Weir fish pass on the River Wellend in Northamptonshire. The fish pass was designed by Fishtek Consulting and built by JacksonHyder on behalf of the Environment Agency. It comprises a single flight of Larinier fish pass and three notched pre-barrages, as well as a separate eel pass for the upstream passage of critically endangered European eel. The site visit allowed for us to check that the fish pass was functioning as designed and also gave us a chance to capture a few photos. The fish pass has significantly improved habitat connectivity at the weir, which was previously a significant barrier to all upstream migrating fish.




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