Nepal, Liberia and fish passes galore

We are updating the News section of our website less and less, predominantly because most of our news now goes out through the Fishtek Consulting twitter feed (@FishtekConsult) but also because we have been very busy the last few months. We are currently involved in a lot of interesting projects, including projects in Nepal and Liberia, where we are providing advice on fish pass design.

Aerial view of the river in Nepal which we are working on
Depleted river reach in Liberia
Tilapia caught during fish sampling out in Libera

On ‘home soil’, we are designing numerous fish passes, including some very large Larinier passes in an exciting project on the River Wharfe and Swale, working with the Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust and a similarly large fish pass on the River Don, working with the Don Catchment Rivers Trust. We are also busy designing and installing several large eel passes, including one that is over 40 m long on the River Trent!

Those who check our news page regularly or who follow us on Twitter have probably picked up that we are still working on the very large Unlocking the Severn project, with Severn Rivers Trust and the Environment Agency. Most recently, this has involved us continuing our monitoring work at a large weir on the lower River Severn where we have been using several techniques to monitor the number of shad migrating up the river. Some fascinating sample footage shot from a drone of shad going over the weir is shown HERE.


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