Design. Fabrication. Installation.

What we do

One of the most rapidly expanding industries in the 21st century is the environmental sector. As we struggle to cope with an ever expanding population and increasing pressure on the global biosphere, new solutions are required to deal with this pressure.

Providing new solutions

Fishtek Consulting is a fisheries and engineering consultancy providing innovative solutions to the problems facing fish populations in both freshwater and marine environments.

While we work across a range of fisheries disciplines, the focus of our work is fish and eel pass design, fabrication and installation.

In addition, we have a wide range of experience in weir / dam removal investigations, studies of fish migration, fisheries impact assessments, fisheries monitoring, screening assessments and research into the interaction between fish and hydropower.

UK & International Projects

Our work on the design of fish passes forms the core of our work and we have extensive experience designing fish passes across the whole of the UK as well as internationally and to date we have designed over 200 fish passes.

Previous projects include work on one of the largest fish passes in the world, on the River Mekong and on the flag-ship ‘Unlocking the Severn’ project aimed at returning endangered shad to the River Severn.

Fishtek and the Environment

Fishtek believe that they have a responsibility to reduce their environmental impact and the impact of the company’s activities on climate change and to assist compliance with all environmental regulations, where relevant.

The company adopts low carbon principles, ensures the responsible use of energy throughout the organisation, prioritises the use of recycled products and only ever uses timber that is suitably accredited (e.g. FSC certified). Fishtek have a sustainability policy in place which can be supplied if requested.

In addition, Fishtek have taken several important steps to reduce the carbon generated by the company, as follows:

  • 10 kW of solar panels have been installed on the roof of the Fishtek office, which generates more electricity than the company uses in a year
  • Both companies promote the use of public transport wherever possible and do not use air travel for work being undertaken in England.
  • Fishtek Consulting have a bespoke carbon sequestration / offsetting policy in place. A large piece of land (approximately 5 ha) currently used for grazing has been purchased close to the company office. This is in the process of being converted permanently into native woodland, which will sequester approximately 50 – 100 tonnes of carbon a year, more than off-setting the carbon produced by Fishtek Consulting in its day to day operation. This kind of initiative moves away from the idea of sustainability towards a future of regeneration
  • Fishtek Consulting use the company ‘Zero to Landfill’ to recycle and process any waste generated from their office
  • Fishtek Consulting are have installed free to use electric car charging points at their offices, to encourage staff who commute to work by car to make the switch to an electric vehicle