Kirkless Brook

Kirkless Brook

Fish Pass Construction

Throughout many cities in the UK, one of the legacies of the industrial past is the presence of old weirs, constructed in order to provide a head of water to mills and factories.

One such weir is on the Kirklees Brook, a tributary of the River Irwell. Following the outline and detailed design of a fish pass at the weir (carried out by the Fishtek team), a fish pass was installed at the site. This was a ‘hybrid’ fish pass, composed of a small Larinier fish pass, with a series of fabricated pre-barrages downstream.

Both the Larinier fish pass and the pre-barrages were fabricated by Fishtek. The Larinier pass was designed to be largely self-supporting and was fabricated in sections, with large flange joints to help support the structure.

The installation of this fish pass has made a barrier passable that has been a complete barrier to fish migration for over 200 years.

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