Marlow Weir

Marlow Weir

Eel Pass Design

The River Thames has a very large number of weirs along its length and these inhibit the ability of eels to migrate freely within the river.

Eel passes have been, or are being, installed at many of these weirs in order to mitigate for this impact. Fishtek have designed eel passes at many of these weirs, including Marlow weir.

The eel pass that was designed (as well as fabricated and installed) at Marlow weir was a gravity fed eel pass, comprised of an aluminium channel with lids on the top, with a suitable crawling substrate (eel bristles) fixed into the aluminium channel.

The whole structure was designed to be modular so that it could be easily installed on site, with the eel pass fixed to existing structures (the weir and a masonry wall at the site).

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