Mogden Weir

Mogden Weir

Eel Pass Design

Gauging weirs are extremely numerous in UK rivers and are used in order to accurately determine the flow passing downstream in a river.

These weirs are barriers to the free migration of fish, including eels, and significant efforts are being directed at mitigating these barriers. Mitigation efforts have included the construction of eel passes at multiple gauging weirs and the Fishtek team have designed (and installed) a large number of these.

Mogden weir is a gauging weir on a Thames Water treatment site. Fishtek were commissioned to design an eel pass at the site and as the site was a flat-V gauging weir, this had to be a pumped ‘up and over’ eel pass.

Fishtek produced full design drawings (both outline and detailed) for the eel pass that has been installed at the site. Designs were agreed with the Environment Agency and Thames Water, prior to the final eel pass being installed.

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