Xayaburi HPP

Xayaburi HPP

Fisheries and Hydropower

Xayaburi HPP is a large hydropower scheme on the main-stem Mekong River, in the north of Laos.

Fishtek Consulting were contracted to provide expert fisheries advice on the design of the fish passing facilities (both upstream and downstream) at the dam. This advice was sought to improve the initial design of the dam and facilities that were to be provided for the passage of fish.

Given the highly biodiverse fish fauna within the river (there are over 300 species at the site, with over 1000 species in the Mekong as a whole), very high peak migratory biomass of fish and large size of some species a relatively unique approach was taken to the design of the fish passage facilities.

he approach involved The final solution that was recommended and has subsequently been built was a large hybrid system of a modified deep vertical slot pass and fish lift/lock, with multiple entrances to the system across the face of the powerhouse as well as at both sides of the powerhouse. The fish passage facility is one of the largest that has been built in the world and tests of its effectiveness are to take place through 2020 and 2021.

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