New Projects (and old)

Some of the Fishtek team have recently been up in Scotland for start up site visits as part of some exciting new projects. These projects are investigating the potential for installing fish counters on existing fish passes, one of the River South Esk and the other on the River Ayr. The latter project is for the design, fabrication and installation of a fish counter on an existing fish pass on the River Ayr, whereas the former is a feasibility assessment to determine whether a fish counter is a practical solution at the site in question.

The team were on site during some glorious winter weather and took the images below of the South Esk looking pretty stunning. Watch this space for more details of the project as it progresses.

We have also seen some great images online from the construction of a fish pass which was designed by the Fishtek team in 2018 / 2019. The pass is on the River Blythe, on a relatively small but particularly tricky to pass weir, with a sheer vertical face. The fish pass (a Larinier, bottom baffle pass) and eel pass will ensure that fish are able to pass the weir in the future and are part of a larger aim to improve fish populations within the river.

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