November 2012: Sturgeon’s Lair competition

Fishtek (in conjunction with Royal Haskoning) have recently won the Sturgeon’s Lair competition! This is a European wide competition for the best innovative solution to fish migration barriers in the North Sea region. The award winning solution was the ‘tidal gate damper’, which is a way of keeping tidal flaps and gates open in a way that permits the movement of eels through these barriers, while still allowing them to close at higher tide levels. Despite stiff competition, the damper was awarded first prize at the Rivers Trust Living North Seas Conference on the 14th – 15th November. We are delighted to have received such an accolade. As a result of the competition there has been strong interest from the EA and various rivers trusts in the damper and we are looking forward to this solution developing further as we strive to solve the numerous migration barriers that fish populations face.

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