September 2015

August was a busy month and we were involved in some very interesting projects. One example is the design and fabrication of a novel solution for improving lamprey migration at Brahan Weir on the River Conon near Inverness. The site is being developed for the generation of hydroelectricity and Archimedes screw turbines are being installed alongside two Larinier fish passes that were designed and fabricated by Fishtek. Fishtek were also commissioned to design and fabricate a novel lamprey pass that would accommodate the large variation in upstream water level, space restrictions at the site and the possibility of a high debris load. 
Our Senior Biologists and Engineers came up with the solution of quick release lamprey panels, which incorporate an aluminium plate lined with Fishtek lamprey tiles, a handle to aid removal and quick release locking pins. The panels fit into a guide rail that is fixed to the bed of the existing Larineir channel and they are held in position at the top with the quick release locking pins. The panels can be effortlessly removed and replaced for any maintenance purposes, which is particularly useful at sites with a high debris load. They are a versatile solution that can be fabricated in a range of sizes to accommodate variations in the upstream water level. 
Should you require a similar solution, or simply want more information regarding the lamprey panels or any other of our products or services, do not hesitate to get in touch using the contact details on the ‘get in touch’ page. 

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