Eel Pass Fabrication & Installation

Eel Pass Fabrication & Installation

We are able to provide a full fabrication and installation service for all eel passes and we are able to fabricate passes based on existing drawings, as well as those designed in-house.

Eel pass materials & traps

Passes can be constructed from a range of materials, including GRP, ABS plastic, HDPE, aluminium, galvanised or stainless steel.

Alternately, a suitable structure can be built on site using concrete or stone. Where necessary, we are also able to fabricate supporting structures for eel passes, both fixed and floating as appropriate

We have developed a low-cost eel pass, utilising ABS plastic pipes and a flexible eel pass substrate material, which is easily fitted to virtually any structure. We are also able to fabricate and install the specific ‘bristle-board’ and vertical tile eel pass design required for gauging weirs, in order to maintain the telemetric integrity of the structure.

The eel traps that we have developed in house can be constructed as part of a pass and can be fabricated from GRP, aluminium, galvanised or stainless steel. These can be installed as part of the pass installation, or alternatively retrofitted to a pass.

Full installation service

Pumped and gravity-fed passes

We offer a full installation service for all eel passes, both pumped and gravity fed. In circumstances where a structure is of an appropriate form, a fabricated pass may not be required and eel passage can be improved by fixing a suitable crawling substrate directly to the face of the structure.

We have previously fabricated and installed a very large number of eel passes at a range of barriers including gauging structures (both standard and non-standard), historical stone and brick weirs, modern concrete weirs, bridge footings and culverts.

Case Studies

Eel pass construction

Hazleford Weir