03rd December 2015

Breheny are currently undertaking construction works of a combined coarse fish and eel pass at Houghten Mill on the River Great Ouse, Cambridgeshire. The combined fish and eel pass was designed and fabricated by Fishtek and comprises a single flight of 0.9 m wide Larinier fish pass with 100 mm high baffles and a gravity fed eel pass channel that is separated by a dividing wall. The eel tiles are to be installed on a lateral slope to accommodate the fluctuating upstream water level and therefore provide passage over a large range of flows.  A reinforced concrete lead in channel is to be formed upstream of the pass to allow fish to re-enter the river above the mill, thus bypassing the migration barrier entirely. The photos below show the current state of the lead in channel and the positioning of the prefabricated fish and eel pass. As works progress we will provide more images of this exciting project, which should be done in time for Christmas. What a gift!  

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