9th March 2016

Fishtek have been involved in a lot of interesting R&D work over the past few years, no more so than the fish swimming speed trials we conducted in Laos PDR on the River Mekong in 2014. The results from this work are being used to inform the fish pass design at the Xayaburi HPP and to our knowledge are the first time that this kind of work has been performed for Mekong fish species.

A summary of the results from the trials has recently been published in the journal ‘Hydropower and Dams‘. This is the principle journal for the exchange of information within the hydropower industry and the inclusion of this article in the journal is important for the dissemination of knowledge obtained at Xayaburi for other schemes in the wider Mekong area.

Further details of the fish passage facilities at Xayaburi HPP can be found in the video titled ‘Fish Passage’ HERE

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