29th June 2016

The naturalised fish pass channel of pools & riffles (designed by Fishtek’s fisheries scientists and engineers on behalf of Arcadis) at Newstead in Lincolnshire, continues to ‘green-up’ following recent sunshine & rain. Fish have now been spotted by the Environment Agency moving into the new habitat and can now by-pass the old redundant weir and siphon, making their way up the River Gwash to habitat upstream. The old weir and siphon, which had historically created an impassable barrier to fish passage, have now been backfilled.
A few images of the ‘greened up’ fish pass are below.

Elsewhere in the country, we recently visited the site at Trebatha, in Cornwall. Whilere there, we saw the hydropower intake weir & fish pass, basking in sunshine. The fish pass, which includes Larinier baffles & vertical cassette eel pass, was designed by Fishtek’s fisheries scientists and engineers on behalf of the Trebatha Estate, Cornwall. This work also included the structural & hydraulic design of the reinforced concrete broad crested weir, rock lined sloping weir face and stilling basin, all of which can be seen in the images below:

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