30th April 2014

With the main construction season now getting into full swing, we have almost completed a job (working in partnership with Castleford Engineering) on the Kirklees Brook, a tributary of the River Irwell. There is a large weir on this small river, which at 8 ft high and with a sheer face, forms a complete barrier to the upstream migration of fish.

Large weir on the Kirklees Brook

The Irwell Rivers Trust commissioned us to design and then construct the most appropriate fish pass solution at the site. Following discussions with the trust and the Environment Agency, the solution of a Larinier fish pass and pre-barrages was chosen.

The Larinier pass was pre-fabricated and has been dropped into a notch cut into the weir. This elements of the work has now been completed and there is only the addition of the pre-barrages and the debris screen at the upstream end of the fish pass to go. Watch this space for pictures of the final fish pass, once construction is complete!

The section of Larinier pass in place, positioned in a notch cut into the weir

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